the tao of marhaen

Marhaen is a model of a self-sustaining farmer. He till his own land, grow his own food. He is a relic of mankind’s ancient past. the late president Soekarno was once a strong advocate of Marhaenism- the belief that his country should be independent and self sustaining, from the top brass to the grassroots farmers.

‘Who owns this field ?’ asked Sukarno
‘I do,’ replied Marhaen
‘And the hoe, who owns that ?’
‘I do.’
‘Those tools, who owns them ?’
‘I do.’
‘The crop on which you’re working, for whom is it ?’
‘For me.’
‘Is it sufficient for your needs ?’
‘There’s barely enough to keep us alive.’
‘Do you ever sell your labour ?’
‘No.I must work hard, but my labours are all for myself.’

Then globalization comes along, and left the nations in an “inter-dependent” state of affairs. A one-way of dependency, if you want to call that inter-dependent. the economic South to the North. the east to the west. the third to the first:

where the word ‘aid’ is synonymous with ‘debt’.

one of the things that made east could not make this break to independence- is a foreboreding control from the west: by continuing to give debt&products, they have a constant supply of consumers that will need their product.

So often that different emerging economic models from the east are often shunned by the western media as morally incorrect; usually in the terms of environmental issues. the “environmental ban” on eastern products made the east all the more dependent to the west; while statistics show that 1/7 of the richest west uses 50% of the world’s energy. “No, no electricity or washing machine for them, because we’re going to use all the remaining energy!” a.k.a eco-imperialism.

About the shark fiasco, just note that australia uses sharks as fish and chips, the icelanders ferment sharks as their national dish, hákarl. Of course, this does not justify finning, but I still see much shifting focus behind it. And the more successful & independent an eastern country is, the more they’re gonna get prime time, no surprise there!

this is totally like RUU APP. the campaigners do it themselves, while getting the little man jailed & fined.


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