not minding that it hurts

there is nothing in the desert. and no man needs nothing.

the movie prometheus serves as a precursor to Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien, bearing uncanny resemblance from the title animation, up to the round dinner table in the ship Nostromo.
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templar 2

1. i wonder if the preachers’ reluctance/lack to note the parallels between the Triumphal Entry and the Maccabean event are strictly protestant (to define itself further away from the apocrypha), or american (to differentiate palm sunday from hannukah).

2. however a branch wants to separate itself from its main roots, it will always share the same characteristics. In any case, i still feel that kkr-like event is abused, overused, and obsolete. such a ruse.

3. ‘faith seeking understanding’- to study furthermore, assuming orthodoxy: yes, yes, yes! but where are my arm and legs? is it hidden halfway between my head and my heart?

hope wins 1

there are always this judicial contrast between love and death, forgiveness and judgement, (and/or gandhi and hitler’s whereabouts); quoting Leithart in his article:

The verse that everyone recognizes as the Song’s theme (8:6) gives the poem a cosmic scope. Love’s strength is comparable to relentless forces of decay and destruction—death (Hebrew, mot) and Sheol. Love is no ordinary fire, but a flash from the very “flame of Yah.” “Mot” is the name of a Canaanite deity, so the conflict of Love and Death is a war of gods.

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in the central locus of the christian faith stands not an idea, not an abstraction, but a person-in-flesh.

if the enfleshment of the incarnate son is truly human, then the faith that arranges itself around his life is too, a faith of humanity.

when, instead of the Son, an abstraction such as “salvation” and “personal relationship” becomes the christianity’s defining lemma, the god in that faith is no longer human, no longer in-carnate.

without the enfleshed christ, i wonder what are the “salvation salesmen” trying to sell anyway? a empty bubble? maybe they are trying to trigger Occupy Pews.

the very humanity of incarnation: that mary was pregnant before marriage- is the solidarity of God to His creation; and the faithfulness of the fellow human to the marginalized people.